International Drone Show Industry Association
Association is established to promote basic principles of activities in the drone show industry and, as a matter of priority, the principles of safety and quality of organizing drone shows around the world
Association’s main objectives
  • Protect industry
    To unite resources in order to advocate and protect the drone show industry
  • Support providers
    To support the drone show providers and professionals involved in the enhancement of the drone show industry developing and strengtheninng the national and international relations in protecting their rights
  • Develop legislation
    To develop and strengthen the base of national and international legislative acts which regulate the drone fleets fly
  • Education
    To contribute in education of the drone show specialists and their ability to conduct safe and of high quality shows
  • Public awareness
    To raise public awareness on drone show industry
  • Expertise
    To gather, aggregate, summarise and distribute the expertise and experience on drone show industry and the information about the technical progress in the drone show industry
  • Research
    To carry out research linked to the Association’s goals and further the data application in practice
How to join the Association
A member of the Association may become any capacitated physical or legal entity individual businessman by submitting in writing a certain application form

  • The Board of the Association considers the application within 4 weeks
  • The Board of the Association sends the decision to the applicant by mail
  • A member of the Association signs the documents on entry and pays a fee of 100 Euro (the fee is paid annually)
  • A member of the Association enters into rights and assumes duties in accordance with the Charter of the Association
Association activities
  • 1
    Preparation of proposals to improve the laws and regulations concerning drone show industry development
  • 2
    Organization of discussions and preparation of suggestions to address the challenges faced by the drone show industry
  • 3
    Cooperation with non-governmental organizations, national and local institutions to achieve the goals of the Association
  • 4
    Support for educational, research, innovative and other initiatives of drone show providers
  • 5
    Conferences / Seminars
    Organization of meetings, scientific conferences, seminars, consultations, presentations and lectures on drone show conducting issues
  • 6
    Cross-country cooperation
    Organization of regional and cross-country working groups, commissions to address specific issues referred in goals and objectives of the Association
  • 7
    Publication of informative and educational materials
Members of the Association
If you are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to contact us.